This title sequence titled "Abduction" is a concept design based on a novel that entails a chilly discovery of a young boy's death. Within the title sequence, hues of blues and blacks emphasize the hostile atmosphere in the eyes of the kill and the victim. The killer who ends up being the boy's aunt, jealous of his sister who can bear children, does the unthinkable of kidnapping and watching closely of the boy's activities. Only one question remains, does she get caught, or will the aunt get away with her crime?
From the start of the project, I wanted to create mystery through abstraction. So, I reformed footage to look abstract but enough to notice what objects where being used. The double mirror effect represents the switch between the victim (the boy) and the killer (the aunt). The text effect was used as a secondary complement to the footage to create abstraction and curiosity that would hint the audience what the film was about. Some challenges I faced were correcting the film's blue hue effect and keeping it constant. I solved this by slowly changing and making sure my properties of color where all the same and altered the ones that needed more color. ​​​​​​​

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