Rock is the meaning of my name, and this is why it fits me so perfectly. I'm loyal and reliable, which is why my personality can express the compassion inside of me and is the reason why I smile too much. My parents repeatedly told me that "creativity is the source of passion." Meaning, I can become whoever and whatever I want to be as long as passion drives me. From that, my time and creativity are structured through discipline and communication as well as being openminded to learning and failing. 

I create through being positive and curious about where art is leading us today, and that is who I've become. A man who shares an exuberant, tenacious personality that listens and acts. 

Curiosity is what creates discoveries, and that is what I look to find to inspire my artwork. Fashion, music, and motion are what drives me to create. These three industries are continuously changing and developing, just like me, and who seek optimistic and everlasting connections. 
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