The process of this design began with the poster. The poster was the start of the theme and tone of the design. For this project, I choose to focus on Dua Saleh's Hip Hop/RNB tone. As a queer artist, Dua identifies as non-binary. This helped me lead to the direction of the split poster along with the split colors, giving the tone of neither this nor, that. The background image is solely made of type preaching their lyrics, along with information about their upcoming concert. 

The goal was to create designs that would be used for Dua's concert. These designs include a poster, inter-title/wait time for the concert, and a title sequence/introduction to the show.
The inter-title is used for the waiting period for Dua's concert. This is the time when the audience is finding their seats before the concert. A few details about the design decision are the colors changing represents Dua's binary identity as well as the text moving and expanding. 

Song By:  "Tic Tic" ft. Haleek Maul.
The Intro Concert Visual is used for the introduction of Dua Saleh before they make their appearance on stage. 
Its design and tone originated from the poster design of the concert. 
Music By: Dua Saleh "Signs" 

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